Lesson Samples

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Social Studies Inquiry

Students were asked to use a series of maps and images to compare and contrast why people would move. The students were split into small groups and given maps / images of a state in the southwest region of the US. The maps consisted of average temperature, precipitation, and cost of living. They were then asked to decide why someone might move to or away from Minnesota and their state.


Non-Fiction Writing Features

During a mini-lesson students were taught and shown examples of text features in non-fiction writing through direct instruction. This was to assist students in their migratory animal non-fiction writing. The slideshow was then shared with students via Google Classroom for future access.

Photo provided by Unsplash

Photo provided by Unsplash

Adding and Subtracting Decimals practice

After some direct instruction on how to add and subtract two numbers that have a decimal, students go “grocery shopping”. They start with $20.00, and can move around the room buying which ever foods they want. At each food, they have a choice to either buy the food from Cub or Target. The prices are different between Cub and Target so that students think about the tenths and hundredths place, and choose the food that costs less. They can buy as many of one food as they want, but must first add the cost of the food before subtracting it from their total. The instructor can shout out “Pay Day”, and students add to their total. The instructor can choose the Pay Day amount.